Highway Tyres Doveton

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Highway Tyres Doveton

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I was hunting around trying to find a place to strip a couple of my inner beadlock wheels and rang through and got a guy who said he had done them and it would be fine to bring them in.
took them in and explained I had spoken to someone already and that they had beadlocks in them, didnt seem to be a problem.
went back and some numb nut had just put them in the machine and stripped them, destroying the valves and inner tubes.
spoke to the guy i originally spoke with on the phone and he said he had meant to get to them but someone got there first and said he would make it right.
go back a couple weeks later and he has left the company.
I spoke with another guy there, they said they were getting the inner tubes or something and I rang last week and was told they're ready, but that the valve covers that let the air by-pass werent damaged.
seemed like i wasnt getting anywhere with them so i picked them up and find they haven't replaced the inner tubes they've just given back the destroyed ones.
so now i'm without two inner tubes and valves for these things which arent anywhere and if I want to make an inroads on this I'll have to take them to vcat and who has time for that.
So don't go there and tell your friends what assholes they are.
end rant
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