Trip Rating Information

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Trip Rating Information

Post by gwagensteve » Mon 17 Aug, 2009 8:37 pm

Trip rating information

Here’s some information about the way we rate our trips.
Suzuki’s are pretty capable cars and our trips tend to be rated a little bit easier for the same terrain as clubs that run bigger cars.

This information does not relate to 4WD Victoria’s track rating scheme. That scheme takes into account cars with low ground clearance and no low range. These cars aren’t the focus of our club activity.

All trips we attend can be quite unpredictable. Weather conditions, recent track work, the cars and drivers on the trip, recent use of the track and even time of day can all have an affect on the perceived track rating, or the trip rating the trip leader advertised.

The biggest variable is the driver’s experience and attitude. An experienced driver might be able to take a near standard vehicle on a hard trip with no problems. An inexperienced driver might find an “easy track” quite difficult to negotiate.


An easy trip will involve some 4WDing that requires Low range use. It’s a trip that is suitable for standard vehicles and basic driver skills. No special equipment beyond our basic required minimum will be required. There will be minimal chance of vehicle damage with a sensibly driven vehicle.

Under normal circumstances, there will be bypasses for any terrain that’s likely to concern an inexperienced driver. An easy trip should also be suitable for inexperienced passengers and shouldn’t cause undue alarm.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no possibility of recovery – Victorian tracks tend to be steep and many have deep ruts and holes so even an easy trip might see cars stuck, hence the reason for basic minimum equipment.


A medium trip will engage with more technical terrain. It’s generally still possible to attend with a standard (or near standard) vehicle, however, the risk of superficial damage, particularly to a car with standard tyres, will increase, and whilst not likely, it’s a realistic possibility.

A such, a small increase in tyre size or aggressiveness would be recommended. It’s not necessary to have a “modified” vehicle to attend a medium trip, especially if it’s being held in the dryer months.

There will generally be bypasses for severe obstacles.
Recovery is likely on a medium trip, along with steep angles.
If you are inexperienced or are uncertain of the suitability of your vehicle, speak to the trip leader.


A hard trip will generally have no bypasses for technical or severe terrain. Vehicle damage is quite likely. An increase in tyre size and differential locks are recommended. Drivers would be expected to be able to handle their vehicles in critical situations. Trail repair is a frequent feature of hard trips, so spare parts and extended recovery equipment would be recommended.
If you are concerned about your experience of the suitability of your vehicle, speak to the trip leader before attending.
michaelpiranha2000 wrote: The rear is in great condition. but has a broken crown wheel and pinon

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