turning a 3 phase motor into a single phase motor

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turning a 3 phase motor into a single phase motor

Post by jonfromhamilton » Wed 10 Nov, 2021 9:18 pm

Hey guys wondering if anyone is pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

I have been given a free 2hp motor but it's 3 phase so I have been googling and basically need a running capacitor.
you normally would have a starting capacitor as well but i'm gonna do that with my hand if needed.

I'm using this to build a belt grinder.

its 50hz and on the net i've found anything between 40uF to 85uF but if it's too high you burn it out and if its too low you lose too much efficiency.

The wiring side of things seems universally straight forward wherever I look on the net so not worried about that and the stock wiring is very well labeled its just the capacitor that has got me a bit anxious.

anything may help thanks

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