Basic suzuki tool/spares kit

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Basic suzuki tool/spares kit

Post by gwagensteve » Thu 20 Mar, 2008 9:44 am

Here's the basic tools and spares required to keep you car moving

Fuses for eveything on the car (glass for 1.0, blade for later sierras, but remember fused accessories too)
Electrical crimp tool
Selection of terminals inlcuding scotch locks
some sapre wire
Insulating tape
Gaffa tape
Multimeter, or test light, or continuity/voltage tester
10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm spanners
wheel brace
jack (factory is OK but check it has enough height for your tyre size)
pliers (needle nose)
Vice grips (at least one small pair and one large pair
#2 and #3 phillips screwdrivers
a couple of flat blade screwdrivers
Hammer (preferably engineers - ball pein - hammer)
A repair punch and a cold chisel
JB weld
RTV silicone like loctite red
assortment of hose clamps
radiator hoses
small length of fuel line
cable ties
assortment of spare nuts and bolts
CRC/WD40 or equivalent
1L engine oil
1L gearbox oil
circlip pliers
a spare universal joint
about 5l of water - enough to flush a radiator or refill a cooling system.
a small triangular file (for cleaning damaged threads)

That's pretty much it - beyond that, you're into advanced repair and it's beyond the easy trackside fix. Most repairs will be a leak, a hole in something, something loose or more commonly an electrical problem.

If you have an EFI car, know how to jump the diagnostic plug to deliver flash codes on the check engine light and carry the relevant pages of the FSM that give you those codes with you, it will make repairs/understanding what's wrong super easy.

What you don't need are gadget tools like ratchet spanners, torque wrenches or cordless drills. keep it simple and you'll be fine.

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Re: Basic suzuki tool/spares kit

Post by cj! » Thu 20 Mar, 2008 4:37 pm

An excellent list Steve.

One extra thing I carry is self amalgamating tape as it can be used to repair hoses if you don't have spares.

Another thing is that people tend to carry replacement fuses of the smaller blade or glass type as necessary but forget that there are the main fuses/fusible links that can blow also.

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